a cowboy’s tale

From the chorus lines of oldies such as “Cool Water” or “Wayward Wind” to his own originals like “Riding up North to Montana” or “The Lost Cowboy”, you’ll feel every emotion as Del paints the scenes before you with his songs and poetry. From years of living and experiencing the ranch and rodeo life, this cowboy is able to relate his knowledge and experiences to every audience through his singing, song writing and poetry skills. Upon hearing Del entertain, you will realize once again the cowboy breed is still alive and well.

As you follow the trial of Del’s schedule, you will see that he is in demand to audiences across the nation. More than just performing, this entertainer is committed to carrying the torch of the western heritage as he has done from the swamps of Florida to the northern borders of Maine, to the snowy mountain peaks of the Yukon, from the shores of California to the sands of the Atlantic over the past few years.

Anyone familiar with the top trail riding show on RFD TV will surely be familiar with Del’s career as the featured entertainer and Co-Host on the weekly TV show Best of America by Horseback produced by Tom and Pat Seay. Along with this cowboy’s television career, he was also a regular voice on the world wide internet radio show “World Talk Radio.”

A motto Del has developed for his shows is “Come as you are, prepare to go home a little bit western.” This cowboy’s growing audiences attest to the fact that “you leave Del’s shows feeling as if you have heard the bawling of the cattle and have seen the setting of the copper colored western sun over the desert mountains.”

Four albums make up the list of recordings Del has put together over the past few years, mastering both traditional classics and his own works of original favorites. “Listen close” is number that made it to number two on the Sunset International Western Music chart as did the last two of Del’s albums making it to number nine on these charts. These albums are filled with songs you’ll want to hear again and again.

One of the latest events in Del’s list of accomplishments is the Border to Border ride in which Del rode horseback from Mexico to Canada. On this ride Del served as trail boss, entertainer, farrier and circuit preacher. This was a opportunity that allowed Del to perform in many various venues and situations to audiences that were forever impacted by this cowboy and his way of life.

Over the past few years you may also have seen this cowboy singing on any of three cruise ships where he performed for audiences upon the Alaskan seas. This has been a high point for this mobile cowboy. More of these travels are sure to follow.

Del gives much thanks to his wife Shevawn, three grown children, Emily, Kimberly and DJ, and two step children Hunter and Bryce. He is thankful for their love, support and sacrifice. At every opportunity, you will find Del playing grandpa to Wyatt, Brooklyn and Braxton. His grandchildren are the apple of his eye as family is so important to him.

You can book Del as a solo act or with his talented companions. Either way, you get a true cowboy and a true cowboy experience. Give Del a call for your next show. You and your audience will be glad you did.

Del Shields

(620) 433-1819